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To stay aboard the horse, a bareback rider uses a rigging made of leather and constructed to meet PRCA safety specifications. The rigging, which resembles a suitcase handle on a strap, is placed atop the horse's withers and secured with a cinch. As the bronc and rider burst from the chute, the rider must have…
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Saddle Bronc

Saddle bronc riding evolved from the task of breaking and training horses to work the cattle ranches of the Old West. Riders in this event must mark out their horses on the first jump from the chute. To properly mark out his horse, the saddle bronc rider must have both heels touching the animal above…
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Jr. Bull Riding

Using smaller animals for the first time tikes testing the waters of competition, Jr. Bull Riding is available for all riders under the age of 16. Riders must complete an eight second ride or they will be given a no time for their event.
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Bull Riding

The bull rider may use only one hand to stay aboard during the eight-second ride. If he touches the bull or himself with his free hand, he receives no score. But unlike the other rough stock contestants, bull riders are not required to mark out their animals. While spurring a bull can add to the…
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