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Indian Relay

This event is one of the wildest, most colorful events in all of equine sports. This event is a long standing event at powwows and Indian rodeos, the sport of Indian relay racing is a crowd-pleasing spectacle that involves expert horsemanship, teamwork, pageantry and the potential for disaster at every turn. Teams each have their…
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Mixed Team Roping

Team Roping is a true team effort. There are two riders, a header and a healer. The header first ropes the steer head and turns him so that the back legs are turn toward the healer. Then the ┬áhealer has to catch the heals with his rope. A five second penalty is applied to the…
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Team Roping

Team roping requires close cooperation and timing between two highly skilled ropers - a header and a heeler - and their horses. The event originated on ranches when cowboys needed to treat or brand large steers and the task proved too difficult for one man. Similar to tie-down ropers and steer wrestlers, team ropers start…
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Steer Wrestling

The objective of the steer wrestler, who is also known as a "bulldogger," is to use strength and technique to wrestle a steer to the ground as quickly as possible. As with tie-down and team ropers, the bulldogger starts on horseback in a box. A breakaway rope barrier is attached to the steer and stretched…
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